7 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

7 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

It’s no longer surprising for web developers and designers to create websites as works of art, interactive projects, or even for the fun of it. A throwback to an earlier time when web design were looking for methods to showcase their skills or create websites only for their own amusement. The early web seems to be experiencing a revival at the moment. It’s logical. From the late 90s and early nineties, fashion has also been highly influenced by current trends. A lot of us have been spending a lot of our free time browsing the web, much as we used to do when the internet was still in its development.

As far as digital trends go, they’re pulling a page out of the 1980s playbook. The more photo-centric layouts have become the norm, but designers are finding new ways to express themselves. Instead, these designs use typography, grids and lines, and simple navigation to create a visually attractive interface. The use of sophisticated textures, muted color, and serif fonts in the design of websites prevents them from seeming too dated.  

Web Design 1. Enjoyable mini-websites

Building a website that makes people laugh is always a treat. Enjoy yourself while you’re working on your creation! In the early days of Disney, animators were given the opportunity to create a short film for each featured picture they created. It was a moment for animators to let their hair be styled, without the strain of creating feature films, with these shorts. They also contributed to the growth of animation by creating a wide range of new techniques. Now, web design are learning that they can do the same thing with websites.

Web Design‍ 2. Web-based scavenger hunts

Puzzles and scavenger hunts are a natural fit for websites because of their structure. The next page in the series can only be accessed by answering a series of questions or finding clues hidden within the last page’s content. Many creative methods exist for hiding and then revealing prompts, hints, and solutions. This is an excellent opportunity to put your web design skills to use and develop an engaging puzzle.

‍3. App-like experiences

Co-founder of Three Sixty Eight Jeremy Beyt strongly thinks that these kinds of smaller, experience-focused websites are the future of online design. The front-end driven web that is overkill from a design plan is a whole new way of using the web that had not been before. That, in my view, is the current opportunity. Apps, with their focus on connectivity, animation, and dynamic experiences, have become popular. The next natural step is to bring that energy to the web and develop more unique experiences.

4. One-page websites

In such situations, the simplest site might be the most effective. There has been a growing trend toward one-page websites that do away with menus and navigation in support of a simple scroll. A portfolio or the presentation of a single concept are good candidates for a one-page site.

5. Sites with a strong sense of place

Maybe we’re all just making up for the time we’ve missed out on traveling, but some websites appear to have a better idea of where they’re located. Photographs of the areas where the creators live can be seen on the homepages and in the “about” sections of their websites. When you’re browsing the web, you may not know where the site you’re looking at came from. Your visitors will feel more connected to your work if you include something like, “crafted with love in” or a photograph of your favorite local spot. It’s good to remember that even if we haven’t been traveling as much, we’re still connecting with people all around the world through social media.

Web Design 6. Art deco motifs

After all, we’re back in the Roaring 20s! Geometric patterns, such as those from the Art Deco period, go beautifully with. Art deco style may catch the eye of fancy nightclub settings and Gatsby-themed invitation cards, but it can also be used to create attractive stylish designs.

Web Design 7. Fewer images of heroes

Rather than depending on pictures or drawings, many designers this year are creating hero sections and landing pages that speak through design. In certain cases, removing the visual distraction of a colorful picture might place greater focus on style and content. In certain cases, removing the visual distraction of a colorful picture might place greater focus on style and content.


As a whole, we had a lot of fun exploring the websites that inspired this list. As designers shift away from some of the themes that have grown so common in recent years, we expect a year of fun and creative revision. In 2022, we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for the internet.